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Happy Clients Say...

I have had the honor and privilege to receive spiritual counsel from Omilade.  It has ALWAYS been honest and in my best interest.  I don't know which action takes the greatest strength... to come to the Oracle or to be the Oracle.

Erika Davis, Exhale Consulting, LLC

Angel, Tennessee

When you speak with Tirra, she is so full of love and earthiness, that you immediately feel " at home" and at-ease with her.

Oya Gbemi, Savannah, GA

As far as I am concerned, if I need clarity around an issue you are my first choice for divination.   

-Amber Yetunde Wang, Nashville, TN

While there are many gifted readers out there, I feel that Omilade stands out from many of them because she gives you the tools you need to heal and change your life!

I am actually some what skeptical of things like readings and astrology but I can say with all honesty that the accuracy of the readings from Ms. Omilade is freakishly correct.

— Wade P.

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