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Readings, Services and Classes

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Welcome to a world of transformation and healing! Explore a range of empowering services that cater to your spiritual growth and well-being.

Discover the wisdom of readings, immerse yourself in monthly retreats, and experience profound healing sessions, all designed to help you embrace a life of flow and ease. Your journey to inner alignment and fulfillment starts here.

Hello Goddess! 
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What I


General Reading (90 Minutes Live-Virtual)

Experience the power of a General Reading, providing a roadmap to navigate life's themes for the next 6 months. Get spiritual and practical guidance from my Oracle decks, Astrology, Numerology, and more. Receive a printable astro transits report for a deeper understanding of your astrology. Schedule your reading now for insightful guidance on your journey. Let the oracles be your guiding light! $275


Goddess VIP Day

❤️It would be great if you could...

  • Have access to a spiritual guide who has the wisdom, skills and caring heart to hold space for you and help you get clarity, especially from within you?

  • Dive deep into your spiritual troubles for a day…

  • Get just the right amount of support to get you clarity of your purpose and current mission..

Well… I have some good news for you, sister-friend.
🤩That's exactly what you get when you book a Voxer VIP Day with me!


Goddess Transformation 1:1 Coaching Program

This 3 month coaching program uses spirituality and coaching tools to help women make progress in their lives. Specifically, we focus on what cycle you are currently in using divination and construct a game plan to help you easily move toward more balance in your health, career and relationships. If you want a healing an nurturing coaching experience, this is for you!


New Moon Retreat Circle

Embrace transformational times with mindfulness and intention at our New Moon Retreat. Experience healing and magic as we focus the theme of the current new moon. 

 Join me for this transformative journey.


45-Minute Recorded General Reading

Experience clarity and certainty with a 45-minute reading that unveils the energy surrounding you now. Understand your cycles and stay aligned with your destiny. Receive a private video link of the reading by Tirra-Omilade. No more guessing—consult the oracle and a professional reader for the information you need. 😊


GBMS Spiritual Aspirant Initiation

💜Are you ready to take a deeper dive into your feminine nature? 

Would you like to embrace your own take on spirituality and feel confident about it? Are you looking for a spiritual practice without the pressure of committing to a religion? That is what the seven month Spiritual Aspirant Initiation is designed to do. 

I give thanks and praise for Tirra Omilade and the spiritual work we have been doing together over the past few years.


Her personal readings, monthly and weekly wisdom roadmaps and all the insight she shares in between have helped me grow by leaps and bounds and have aided in the healing of my SOUL, freeing of my mind and my ability to mature spiritually. 

I have without question been gifted with her as a teacher, a mentor and a guide. She is a resource and a light worker and an answer to my prayers. Giving thanks.

⁃ Jamila Walker

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