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Meet Tirra-Omilade Hargrow

💜Greetings Goddess! My name is Tirra-Omilade Hargrow, and I am a spiritual coach and guide. I help women align with their life purpose using the power of ancient wisdom and the Goddess Centered lifestyle. Click here to learn more about me and my journey.


Hello Sister! Welcome to Goddess Body Mind Spirit, where I am committed to helping you live a balanced, happy and abundant life of flow and ease.

It's all about the Goddess-Centered lifestyle a.k.a. soulful goddess living.

Hey Queen, you may be struggling with...

Understanding ancient wisdom and how to practically apply it to your life?  You know it's powerful but how in the world do you implement it?

Remaining consistent in your spiritual practice?

Feeling lonely because few people around you think like you do?  You are growing personally but the people around you are not.

​​Feeling uncertain of your spiritual path?

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✨Upcoming Events✨

Join me in my upcoming circles, summits and classes.

Look at the *Description* for each event to sign up.

No events at the moment

Priestess Tirra on YouTube

“You are a goddess, a magnificent being of light and love. Embrace your power and shine!”

Tirra-Omilade Hargrow

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Ancient Wisdom isn't meant to be experienced alone.

Dear Sister, how would it feel to...

  • Be fully supported on your spiritual journey? 

  • Be in community with like-minded women who cheer for your success?

  • Get practical guidance in using ancient wisdom to get real results in your life?

  • Feel empowered because you are aware of your own energy and life cycles?

When you begin to apply Ancient Wisdom to your day-to-day life in community with like minded women, here’s what can happen:

You begin to feel more confident in who you truly are, and start living fully on your terms.

You feel empowered and aware of your own energy and life cycles.

Relationships bloom and blossom.

Your career and life purpose unfold more easily and effortlessly.

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The good news is that modern day women can get off the hamster wheel of life and step into feeling happy, whole, peaceful, empowered and creative.

✨Get your Mini-Goddess Toolkit

👋🏾Hello Sister-Goddess!

This toolkit is for you if you are looking to craft or enhance your goddess-centered lifestyle. ✨💫


✨The toolkit includes a few of the treasures that I share with my community.

🥰Enjoy and receive the gifts that they bring.


👇🏿Click below to get your toolkit, Queen. A form will pop up. Enter your email for immediate access.

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