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💜Greetings Goddess!
My name is
Tirra-Omilade Hargrow,

Spiritual Guide and Founder of the Goddess Inner Circle.

  • Spiritual Guide and Coach who helps women move from being stuck in lack and limitations to powerfully aligning with their life purpose using ancient wisdom and the goddess-centered lifestyle.

  • Priestess and Spiritual Teacher with 20 years of experience of doing personal readings.  She is also an Certified NLP Practitioner and Licensed Hypnotherapist, a Certified Women's Circle Facilitator and a Certified Mindfulness Teacher.


Explore the Path of the Goddess

Workshops, Retreats & Initiations

Join me on a transformational journey of self-discovery through my workshops and retreats. Together, we'll explore the path of the Goddess and learn how to incorporate her teachings into our daily lives.


Every woman deserves to understand her life cycles so that she stays aligned with her destiny.

My super power is divination, which means that I love doing readings for people. 

Readings help you understand your blueprint and current life's mission and are foundational to living an aligned happy life.

Coaching & Healing Sessions

Sometimes you need a healer to help you move past blocks, release limiting beliefs and understand how to bring about lasting changes.

I do this through my coaching program and healing packages that include Hypnosis and NLP (neurolinguistic programming). 

You do not have to suffer.  Book a healing or coaching session to get perspective and relief and to help you reclaim your power.

Let's Connect

Thank You for Reaching Out

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