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✨♍Virgo New Moon: Time to Access Your Wise Woman

The new moon in Virgo is a time to get grounded, look at practical solutions, and set up systems for efficiency and problem solving.

Additionally, it’s a time to set new intentions regarding your health, well-being, and lifestyle.

The 2023 new moon in Virgo also asks you to use wisdom and have patience for the next year’s challenges. We are in a critical time with 2023 being a pivotal year. Essentially, 2023 is at the bottom of a curve that has been swinging down for at least a decade, which is why it feels like things are getting worse in society.

Thankfully, the curve swings up in 2024. But we have to finish 2023 and as we start the ascent in 2024, it’s new uncharted territory so wisdom and patience are KEY.

One thing for sure is that we have to learn to depend on the wisdom within, our inner Wise Woman, for she is our trusted guide in difficult and uncertain times.

Many of us look without for that wisdom, and sometimes that is necessary. However, we always want to consult our inner Wise Woman first. I remember hearing one of my teachers say that in feminine leadership, we want to get to the point where we trust we can handle whatever shows up NO MATTER WHAT.

And that’s what I want for you. To be able to trust your inner wisdom no matter what is showing up over the next year and beyond.

So know that when you are integrated in your healthy wise woman you are grounded in your deep feminine presence and you trust that you know what’s best for your life better than anyone else.

When you are out of balance, the shadow appears as fear of being disrespected, undervalued, unheard and dismissed, causing you to doubt your inner voice. You also feel disconnected & reclusive.

Just like Virgo, the Wise woman allows you to feel grounded so that you can see the next step to take to solve your problems or towards achieving your goals.

So during this New Moon in Virgo look at what areas of life need wisdom and patience and assess your connection to your inner wise woman.

Here's a mantra to use to connect to your inner Wise Woman:

"I am a gold mine of sage wisdom and knowledge!"

✨♍Happy New Moon in Virgo! May this new moon be auspicious and healing!


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