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Many people think of spiritual and divination practices as helping with specific things like reducing anxiety, manifesting something into your life, and heling you to choose a path moving forward. But they can also help with your emotional state overall, allowing you to focus more on your thoughts and feelings, and improving your emotional wellbeing in time. ✨Practice Visualization If you have ever looked into spiritual practices, particularly when it comes to manifestation or the law of attraction, you have probably heard of visualization. But even if you don’t believe in that type of manifesting, you can absolutely benefit emotionally by using visualization. Visualization helps your emotional state by allowing you to visualize yourself being calm and relaxed. Any time you feel stressed or you simply want to improve your emotional wellbeing, sit quietly in a meditative state, close your eyes, and imagine how you would feel if you were more relaxed. ✨Pull Tarot or Oracle Cards A spiritual practice that is becoming much more popular is to use tarot cards. Believe it or not, the simple act of pulling a few tarot or oracle cards every day can really help you to be more intuitive about your life, and help reduce stress caused by confusion or uncertainty. You don’t have to think about pulling cards as trying to “read your future” or provide psychic insight. But rather you want to pull cards and use your intuition to help guide you in your life. For example, if you have been dealing with emotional stress because of a career decision you are struggling with, you can set the intention that you want to pull 3 cards to help you with this decision. When you pull the cards, you can consider the meaning behind those cards, but really use your intuition to figure out what it is telling you. ✨Use Healing Crystals There are quite a few healing crystals that can be used for your emotional and mental health. Crystals can help ground you, make you feel more calm and relaxed, improve your quality of sleep, protect you from other people’s toxic energy, and even help with your stress and anxiety. ❤️Here are some of our personal favorites for your emotional wellbeing: Amethyst – If you have any type of stress or anxiety in your life, amethyst is the crystal for you. Keep it with you, wear amethyst jewelry, have amethyst crystals on your desk or in your car, you can even put it under your pillow to improve your sleep. Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is often used by people for self-care and to manifest love into their life. But this positive energy stone can also be wonderful for your emotional wellbeing, as it helps to activate and soothe your heart chakra, and can help ground you and make you feel more relaxed. Selenite – You might also want to get a selenite crystal. Among its many wonderful benefits for your spiritual practices, selenite can cleanse you of negative energy that might be keeping you from proper emotional wellness. ✨Practice Mindfulness Mindfulness is one of the most popular and widely used spiritual practices for emotional wellbeing, but you will also notice many other benefits as well when you begin this simple practice. Mindfulness is a simple way to bring calm to the mind through being present in the moment. It has been scientifically proven to bring overall well-being to the nervous system. It can be as simple as just sitting for 5 minutes every day and focusing on your breathing. Thoughts may come in and out, and that’s okay. Just come back to the present moment and ground yourself by focusing on the sensations of your breaths. Mindfulness is one of my favorite ways to nurture my emotional and mental systems. Practice Gratitude Lastly, don’t forget to practice gratitude! It is a highly underrated practice that can improve your life and your mindset exponentially. Gratitude is also super easy to do, and only requires a notebook or journal and a pen. You can also just write down your gratitude on any piece of paper. Every day, make a habit of writing down what you are grateful for. You can write down as many things as you want, but aiming for 5-10 a day is a good number. This can be absolutely anything in your life you consider a blessing or are appreciative of. This might be something small like your morning cup of tea or something nice that a neighbor did for you. Many days, you will have the same things on your list, such as home comforts, your pets, your job, or your family. Other days, something new might happen that you are really grateful for. The point is that you really think about what you are grateful for in your life, why you are grateful for it, and you write it down. There you have it, goddess: spiritual practices that you can use to help with your emotional state. And my don’t we need that right now? Consistency is key! The more you do these, the more likely you are to feel emotionally balanced.


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