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💜Message From the Other Side

💜Message from my mama

Super Interesting and Cool...Not sure why but I soooo miss my mother. I don't necessarily need her to come back but...whew. It's been a very long time since I saw my mother.

I went to bed about 2 nights ago saying that I needed to hear from my mother in my dreams or that I needed a sign from the Universe that everything was on point.

Almost immediately a thought came to my mind and I was like..."oh. Well that's my sign." And I let go of needing to hear from my mother in my dreams.

This morning I decided to go through some old Zumba CD's and DVD's and found a bag in which I had stored a few keepsakes. Why did I find a letter that my mom wrote to me years ago and it started with "Hi Tirra. How are you? I hope all is well...."

Y'all know I started crying because that was better than me getting that see my mother's handwriting and it start with her asking me how I was doing...EPIC!

I am teary eyed as I write this. One thing is for sure. We never stop needing our mothers/mother figures. This is part of the reason that I am so in love with the goddess is complete immersion into the feminine energy whether you have access to strong mother figures in your life or not.

The Goddess path doesn't disappoint. And neither did my mother who heard me and lead me to finding a note that I had no idea where it was until today.

As Mama Maya Angelou wrote, "Wouldn't take nothin' for my journey."

Have a beautiful day.💜

Tirra’s mother, Lillie


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