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✨Astrology Lesson: The Monthly Lunar Return Chart

One of the chief ways that I learn astrology is through living my own astrology chart. Recently, I went over the Full Moon astrology and noticed that the Pisces full moon was directly impacting my Mercury, which is in Pisces.

I tell everyone that though full moons are beautiful, I have learned that they can create health challenges. The first time this happened, I had a full moon happen close to my natal moon. That is when I got covid and had long-haul covid for a full year.

There are too many other people for whom I have done readings and see a full moon happening close to one of their natal planets and sure enough they get sick.

One is my father. He had a full moon happen close to his sun and weirdly passed out at a gas station pump. Another client had a full moon close to her birthday and ended up getting a very bad cold.

So when I realized this last week, I just hoped for the best. But I actually forgot that I noted the proximity of the full moon to my Mercury. By Thursday, I had started noticing a stomach ache. Friday, the stomach ache was full blown but I figured I had taken a supplement that upset my stomach. Saturday, I still hadn't caught a clue but was figuring that the Friday supplement was lingering.

By the end of Saturday night, I used the sway test to check in with my body and asked, "Am I ill?" Sure enough, I got a "yes," so at that point I went into care mode.

You know what? I had planned to work hard all weekend and a small voice inside told me to take one day off but I ignored it. Well, I have been off 2 days now because I don't feel well.

The other thing I noted is what I call the monthly chart for astrology: the lunar return chart is the technical name. Why did my lunar return chart indicate sickness?

Thankfully, I don't play when it comes to my astrological indicators. I thought September was going to be a productive month but I plan to lay low. October is not "go" month either so taking it slow then, too.

Astrology is one of the most powerful tools that I have ever used. I will never say that it dictates my life but it definitely helps me understand the current mission so that life feels more easeful and aligned. My desire is to be highly productive but apparently, it is not so and astrology helps me to accept that and plan accordingly.

I didn't look past October but I will keep you all posted on how these introverted health and self-care-focused months turn out for me.

Btw...I still feel a little under the weather, but I can feel that I am on the other side and getting better. Keeping it low and slow until my body agrees otherwise.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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