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🎉52 Words To Shape Your New Year🎉

Updated: Feb 18

People want to look forward to the coming new year but say they don’t want to make resolutions that have felt sorely lacking in results for them in the past.

Though setting resolutions is important, it may be time to add a little twist! So – why don’t we try something different?

Choosing a word for the new year is a favorite for many. Rather than identifying a specific resolution like going to the gym every day or eating more whole foods, people choose a word as an idea that they want to explore and lean into.

For example, someone who wants to make more friends and spend more time in the moment might choose the word Connection, or two words: True Connection.

With the word or words as a focusing point, they ask themselves questions or nudge themselves with reminders. Am I connected? Am I connecting with this person? Am I putting in the effort to create true connection in this moment?

With great intention, it works!

Keeping the word in mind is a trick all on its own. Do you write on a sticky note and pop it on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder? Or do you take it to the next level and get something made with the word on it? A coffee mug? A bracelet? Hey, whatever works!

Maybe it’s a lot to ask of a word to shape an entire year. It could be a stretch to be inspired by the same word, day after day – week after week.

What if you considered leaning into different words throughout the year? Rather than sticking to one, being open and playful with the whole thing might just create something exciting.

Additionally, you can choose a word for each area of life. For instance, a word for career, one for relationships, another for health, and so on and so forth.

With thousands of words to choose from, the entire dictionary can be an intimidating place to start! To help you get going, here are 52 words that have the power to shape and inspire your life to be more purposeful in the new year.

Take a look:

Love Grace Faith Hope

Peace Joy Power Rise

Give Grow Spark Bold

Mighty Shine Glow Bliss

Believe Delight Happy Genius

Admire Calm Choice Easy

Fun Energy Free Genuine

Fresh Idea Invent Imagine

Know Laugh Lucky Nurture

Open Pleasure Progress Ready

Real Receive Restore Simple

Soulful Thrive Thrill Victory

Wealthy Willing Flow Trust

Can these words, tackled one at a time, help you shape the weeks ahead so that you’re proud of the new year when you look back on it? They can, especially when matched up with two focusing journal prompts for each of the words!

The idea is so appealing, that I've put it together for you in the link below.

Imagine starting each new week focusing on one of the above words. This handy list of journal prompts will be a resource that partners with you, supporting your intentions, and helping you discover the purpose and meaning you want to live into.

Maybe you’ll use the prompts a little differently. You certainly don’t have to limit yourself to a word a week. You can zoom through the list, working the prompts day by day if you’d prefer. Feel out the words and associated prompts and see if there’s one that lands with greater meaning. If it helps you choose that one word for the year – perfect!

Another intriguing idea is to use this list of words and prompts to work with an accountability partner or coach. Getting input and feedback from someone else is often just that gift we need to keep us from falling into the same old patterns.

However you decide to be more intentional about your life in the new year, may these words call out something awesome in you and allow you to build everything you dream of and more.


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