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💫10 Powerful Habits for A Growth Mindset

With Jupiter now in Gemini, focusing on personal growth and empowered mindset is important. Jupiter represents growth and Gemini represents the mind and mindset, both of which will help you experience more of what you desire in your life.

So lets talk about habits that support a growth mindset.

There are wonderful lessons that can be learned by looking back in time. The ancient philosopher Seneca had many thoughts on how the mind should work. In terms of a growth mindset, we could look at his quote, "A man who suffers before necessary, suffers more than necessary." This means that a fixed mindset is one that will worry far too early and causing stress that could have been avoided. We can develop powerful habits to go from a fixed mindset to one of growth. Here are 10 of the best:

1. The Readers Digest was one of the most popular magazines about 30 to 40 years ago. It was divided into many different sections and had one called, "Laughter is the best medicine." This was their humor section, and the title invoked the idea that we need to laugh in order to stay healthy. This is true. When we laugh, it helps us flood our bodies with happy hormones and build a positive mindset. Look for the joy in life and laugh at every possible moment.

2. Changing limiting beliefs is essential. One limiting belief that you must let go of right now is that your mindset is fixed and cannot be converted to a growth mindset. This is 100% false, and the road to a growth mindset is filled with positive books, people, and the actions you take to change.

3. When we mentioned people as part of the road to a growth mindset, it should inspire you to seek people who have a growth mindset. Spend as much time as possible with these people and learn how they think and how they react to the challenges that life throws at everyone.

4. We also mentioned books. This means every medium such as podcasts, online articles, eBooks, and physical books that promote a positive mindset. Build your library of growth mindset-related books today.

5. Have you ever encountered someone who told you, “I love to help people.

Serving others gives me great joy." People who think like this are very happy and enjoy good health. When you give back to others, such as being a volunteer, your body responds again with happy, positive chemicals that circulate in your body.

6. Volunteering is a great way to show empathy for those who are sick or in need.

Remember, you can show empathy for others at any time. By showing love and compassion, you fill your mind with love and positive thoughts. These thoughts go out into the universe and come back to you in the way of blessings and love from others.

7. Get out of your comfort zone and stretch your mind as to what is possible. This

allows you to seek new opportunities, new friends, and better relationships.

8. We know that we have to build the habit of thinking positively. It is also essential

to get into the habit of tracking how you speak to others. It may be necessary for you to pause when speaking and think of how to phrase your sentence. Over time, as your vocabulary and tone change to positive, you will start to re-establish your usual way of speaking as your brain is now wired to think and speak positively.

9. Get into the habit of rewarding yourself as you implement new habits. Each time

you make a positive change, either verbally praise yourself or find a treat that you have been desiring, such as a night out at a new restaurant. You are in charge of yourself, and as such, you should not wait for someone to praise you.

10. Learn to deflect negativity and respond in a kind manner. When someone

makes a dismissive remark about you, politely inquire why they feel the way they do. Look for any truths in what was said and if there is a kernel in there, take it and work on it. If it is completely false, dismiss it and understand that the other person may be vocalizing their issues to make themselves feel better.

Which habit will you start with to help you align with your growth mindset? Pick one and get started today, Queen!


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