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✨💜Ways to Use the Law of Attraction to Plan Your Year💜✨

💜The Law of Attraction is a universal and proven principle that we use to manifest our desires and our entire life. It involves us choosing thoughts and taking inspired action that aligns with our desires.

However, the law is more powerful than most know about it. If we think about what we truly want for ourselves, have an unwavering belief that it is possible, and take spirit-led action, results will happen.

Know that manifestation is an inside game. The power of our mind, emotions, and life force energy are vast.

The good news is that you can also use it to plan your year. You will be awed and amazed at how full your end-of-the-year evidence board is by doing so.

💛The 3 Laws of the Universe that Help Create Your Manifestations

  • The Law of Pure Desire. For your desires to become a reality, your intention must be pure, your vision clear, and you must believe that you are worthy of what you want.

  • The Law of Right Action. It is not enough to want something. Actions are needed, and these actions can be different methods that will help you stay on a pure and high vibration.

  • The Law of Magnetism. The law of magnetism states that like attracts like. It is the idea that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. For example, when you are in a bad mood, nervous/angry, you are more likely to come across an agitated cashier, an anxious neighbor, an angry counter, and the like. And vice versa, the better feeling place you are in, that brings in the same kind of experiences throughout your day.

💛How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Life

Attracting More Money

Affirmations are one of the best methods to manifest wealth. People are most often unaware of their beliefs about money. It's not their fault. We may have learned that since we were little how money is wrong and it can corrupt people.

But the thing is, money is neither positive or negative. It is only has the meaning that you give to it. If you desire more money, take time to look at your money stories.

If there are any that limit your access to having plenty of money, then that is where it is important to unpack that story and to affirm your new relationship with money.

Here are a few money affirmations:

  • I am surrounded by abundance.

  • I attract money effortlessly and easily.

  • I continuously discover new avenues of income.

What are other affirmations that will benefit you manifesting more income in your life? Write them down and revisit them regularl!

Attracting More Opportunities

The vibration of the solution is never on the vibration of the problem. To find ourselves in a situation where solutions and new opportunities emerge on their own (like our ideas or other people's ideas/suggestions), we need to work on feeling good and balanced daily. That means practicing various methods like meditation, journaling, visualization, and similar.

These methods seem simple, but they pack a powerful punch!

Here's a journaling prompt that asks you to think about your dream life. It is essential to allow yourself to think about your dream life to see opportunities that point you in the direction.

JOURNAL PROMPT: Spend a few minutes visualizing your IDEAL life, then write about what you experienced.

Attracting Better Clients

Visualization and affirmations help us get over our fears, deal with difficult emotions, and improve our self-confidence.

You should try these tools if you want to change your life for the better. We believe that visualization and affirmations are helpful in any situation and provide you with a great sense of well-being and satisfaction.

  • Imagine your ideal client. Describe her/him in detail. And then close your eyes and imagine your first encounter, your first meeting, every sentence you will say, what the client will answer and offer you. Then, open your eyes, and imagine the client(s) is in front of you. Pretend you are at the actual meeting.

  • Then, write down affirmations. What is your ideal client? An example:

  • My client is always satisfied, pays me on time, and we have excellent communication.

Attracting More Success

Meditation can help you achieve more success in all life areas. Our thoughts usually limit us, and meditation can help us to control them. There are many different types of meditations. You can choose guided, in silence, or with some relaxing background music. There are also meditations whose music is on a particular frequency. Look for one that is on the frequency of success.

Attracting Health & Happiness

Happiness is something we create ourselves, and our mental state (our internal programs) plays a crucial role. Our thoughts and emotions affect our health. Two potent methods are journaling and expressing gratitude.

Both of these tools help you get clarity on any problem areas and they invoke the feeling state that allows you to manifest effortlessly.

Journaling and gratitude invoke a positive mentality and help you determine what works and doesn't work to bring you more health and happiness.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What is something you’re grateful to have learned this week?

There you have it! Ways to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your goals and intentions.

✨💜I wish you a Happy New year and happy manifesting!


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