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✍🏾Tips for Writing Gratitude

Deciding to add a gratitude practice to your life is the most important step. But once you have set your intention, you then need to actually start writing it. Where to start? How often should you write? What do you write in your journal? That is what we are going to go through next.

Find a Journal You Love

While you can write gratitude in anything you want, using a notebook or journal that is specifically for your gratitude practice is highly recommended. The reason why we put a lot of emphasis on what you write in is because when you find something you absolutely adore, you are much more likely to write in it.

Think about a time you found the perfect pen. One you love to write with. I bet you used it more often and found reasons to write stuff down, just so you could use it, right? The same goes for your gratitude journal.

✨Start Small and Simple

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself from the very first day. It is great to want to write 5 pages or 15 items about what you are grateful for every day, but that is not a realistic place to start. As with anything new you add to your routine, you want to take it slow.

Maybe you write down 3 things you are grateful for, and it is just a brief list, not explaining anything or emphasizing why they brought you joy. That’s okay! That’s all you really need to do in the beginning.

Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat Your Gratitude

You do not have to come up with something brand new to be grateful for every day! In fact, most days, you will repeat at least a few things on your list. Every single day, you might find a lot of joy and gratitude in your morning routine, or maybe you got a new car recently, so your daily commute to work brings you some peace. It’s okay to write these things down every day.

Add New Things as They Come Up

With that being said, when you feel gratitude for something new, add it to your list, and explore it a little bit. Maybe you just discovered how grateful you are for a particular friend, and hadn’t thought much about it before. This is a great time to be detailed in WHY you are so grateful for them.

You really can’t mess up with gratitude journaling. The key is to get started and commit journaling daily. I encourage you to track what benefits occur as a result of your journaling.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results of daily gratitude writing. Enjoy!


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